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■ Automatic Collision Notification

In case of either airbag deployment or severe rear-end collision, the system is designed to automatically call the response center.

The responding agent receives the vehicles location and attempts to speak with the vehicle occupants to assess the level of emergency.

If the occupants are unable to communicate, the agent automatically treats the call as an emergency, contacts the nearest emergency services provider to describe the situation, and requests that assistance be sent to the location.

■ Stolen Vehicle Location

If your vehicle is stolen, Safety Connect can work with local authorities to assist them in locating and recovering the vehicle. After filing a police report, call the Safety Connect response center at 1- 800-331-4331 and follow the prompts for Safety Connect to initiate this service.

In addition to assisting law enforcement with recovery of a stolen vehicle, Safety-Connect-equipped vehicle location data may, under certain circumstances, be shared with third parties to locate your vehicle. Further information is available at

■ Emergency Assistance Button (SOS)

In the event of an emergency on the road, push the SOS button to reach the Safety Connect response center. The answering agent will determine your vehicles location, assess the emergency, and dispatch the necessary assistance required.

If you accidentally press the SOS button, tell the response-center agent that you are not experiencing an emergency.

■ Enhanced Roadside Assistance

Enhanced Roadside Assistance adds GPS data to the already included warranty-based Toyota roadside service.

Subscribers can press the SOS button to reach a Safety Connect response-center agent, who can help with a wide range of needs, such as: towing, flat tire, fuel delivery, etc. For a description of the Enhanced Roadside Assistance services and their limitations, please see the Safety Connect Terms and Conditions, which are available at

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